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Welcome to life as a millennial.


#iHunt's a dark game with a light heart. We're talking about horror and economic anxiety, but we're doing it with tongue firmly in cheek.

Killing Monsters

It's a game about killing monsters. What's not to love about kicking Dracula's ass?

Risk Taking

Fortune favors the bold, and #iHunters are nothing if not bold. #iHunt's game mechanics favor risk taking and exploiting tricks and power imbalances.


Millennials don't have cash, so they deal in experiences. In #iHunt, you track your hunter's story in terms of these standout moments.


The Game

Take a look at our design:

Built on Fate Core

#iHunt is built upon the Fate Core rule system by Evil Hat Productions. It’s a tried and tested foundation we’ve built upon to emphasize the economic horror of the gig economy.


Rich, Established Lore

Based on the San Jenaro series of novels, there are currently more seven books full of world building to draw from already.


Unique Presentation

The book’s design and organization take cues from modern magazine presentation, for a unique roleplaying game experience where every few pages delivers a new look catered to the content.


Choose Your Investment

It’s a big book. But if you want, you can play with the content on the first dozen pages. The rest of the material helps you to build a deeper, richer story.


About Us

Machine Age Productions is Filamena Young and Olivia Hill, based out of Tokyo.
Olivia Hill

Writer. Designer. Responsible for the #iHunt book series. Former designer for Vampire: The Masquerade, Shadowrun, Leverage, and numerous other games.

Filamena Young

Writer. Designer. Responsible for the Reaching Out book series. Former designer for Vampire: The Masquerade, Smallville, and many other titles.


The Look

Take a look inside the hunt.

Press/Streamer Kit and Contact

Here's our press kit.

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