Actual Play!

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The Sponsored by Nobody channel has been playing a game of #iHunt, and they’ve been so kind as to share it on their channel. So you can listen to their play through to get an idea of how #iHunt works!


Their plans to relax and socialize ruined, three millennial’s must fight a horde of otherworldly monsters intent on ruining a perfectly good party.

Sarge Pepper

Long term fan Sarge hits us up with his game if #iHunt set in Las Vegas! The cast is a lot of fun and the gigs the crew ends up with are unique! Worth a listen! 


Forbes - Rob Wieland

“The game also uses imperiling aspects to remind players that sometimes the folks working these sorts of jobs have no good options. Unlike normal compels, where the player can refuse the trouble caused by an aspect by paying a Fate point, imperiling aspects give a fate point but make the player choose between two bad options.”

Gnome Stew - Jared Rascher

“I feel like I’ve been on a ride reviewing this one. It hits a lot of important topics, caused me to challenge some of my thoughts on various subjects, and presents a new spin on a formula I already appreciate. It’s a great toolset for people using any kind of Fate horror or urban fantasy game, like Dresden Files Accelerated or Fate of Cthulhu, but stands on its own as a game with its personality and message.”

CHG- Aaron Marks

“While grounded in grim reality, #iHunt is still escapist at heart. Monster hunting could be an escape for some in any context, but making it into the mythical app that makes you more money than Uber is almost more escapist, albeit with a hefty dose of gallows humor. Adding to that, the writing and the layout are top-notch”


Dungeon Masters of None

DMs Matt and Rob are joined by special guest Olivia Hill to discuss her new tabletop RPG, iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig EconomyStay tuned for a discussion of RPG design, FATE mechanics, writing games for working and marginalized people, and some great game master insights from our guest! Can you guess who the real monster is? (Hint: It begins with “capitalist…” and ends with “…mode of production.”)

Renaissance Gamer

Olivia Hill was gracious enough to chat with me and answer some questions about #iHunt: The RPG and the state of the industry. I enjoyed talking with her, so check it out and see if you do too.

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“So come along and hear about one of the best vampire stories you can find, along the way we’ll sneak in a few personal anecdotes, history lessons, Disney Stories, and behind the scenes information on several TTRPG books you probably read.”