2020 is our first year as a full-time operation. We’re doing okay! We’ve brought on our first collaborator as an employee! We have an office space! But for 2021, we want to start big, and turn okay into amazing.

So for the month of December, our goal is to end 2020 with a bang!

Have you ever seen a public television station pledge drive? We’re doing that, Machine Age style.

We’re aiming for some transparency in our starting budget for 2021, and we want you to help us make it big, because we have big plans

We don’t do normal crowdfunding. It’s too complicated. Instead, we’re doing our own thing this year. Every single purchase, digital or physical, adds to our pledge drive. So help us blow this up!


And while we have your attention, join our mailing list?

#Ihunt physical release

We’re starting off 2021 with the release of #iHunt in its premium print version. Thanks to the success of the digital version, we were able to fund a full offset print run. It’s gorgeous. Thanks to COVID, we’re getting these books in January, but we’re taking preorders throughout December.

get it now!

tote bags

To coincide with the release, and our PBS pledge drive theme, we’re made #iHunt tote bags. They come with a $20 pledge. Throughout December, if you buy anything from us, you can bump it up with a $20 tip and we’ll ship it with a tote bag. 


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Amount Raised

Since this pledge drive builds our 2021 starting operational budget, and we’re shipping our December orders in January to coincide with the release of #iHunt in print, we want to help make it a big deal. As we hit certain benchmarks, we’ll tack on bonus prizes with every order. If, for example, we hit the Quickstart and Player’s Companion level, and you buy a novel from us, you get a sticker, a pin, a mystery present, AND the quickstart and player’s companion. Economy of scale, yo.

what do we get (milestones)


Trevor Stickers

At $1,000, every December order will come packed with a free vinyl Trevor sticker. These are high-grade, long-term vinyl stickers, ready to be put on your car, your laptop, or whatever. 


Trevor Enamel Pins

At $2,500, we’ll add a Trevor enamel pin to every single order. These Trevors are adorable, and the whole world will love you if you’re wearing one!


#iHunt Quickstart and Player’s Companion

At $5,000, we’ll print and pack every order with a copy of the as-of-yet-unreleased #iHunt Quickstart and Player’s Companion. This is a barebones version of #iHunt that serves as a player’s companion. You can make a character with it. You can reference all the basic Fate rules with it. The focus is on playability, so it features things like name lists and example aspect lists you can draw from. It also features a ready-to-play gig so you can jump right in! It’s a table companion, so your crew can have extra information at their fingertips. 

gnome in the home

There’s a gnome in the home and he’s watching you! 

Throughout the month of December, we’re playing a game and you’re all invited. We want you to put our #iHunt gnome in as many places as you can find, and share them with the #iHunt and #GnomeInTheHome hashtags. As we get more and more gnomes, we’ll be giving away prizes during our pledge drive streams! If you get a prize, you get to draw from the present pool.

Everyone can get a present draw by posting a gnome image with the #iHunt and #GnomeInTheHome hashtags, and showing up to one of our streams to claim it. Every new subscriber to our Patreon gets a present draw! During our Twitch streams, for every ten people that show up (rounded down,) we’ll give away a random present draw!

Each of these presents has a surprise inside. It might be a present for everyone. It might be a DrivethruRPG gift card. It might be a free Machine Age game or novel. It might be the chance to determine the next game we design on our 60 Or So % streams! It might be a holiday gift to a charity of your choice!

We’re going to provide a couple of tutorials for how you can put the gnome in weird places. Of course, we’re leaning digital thanks to the pandemic, but the sky’s the limit so long as you’re safe.