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Pop over to our itch.io to download a pack for Streamers to run a game of #iHunt without the muss and fuss of doing your own overlays. Multi colors, different numbers of players. We gotcha covered! 


#iHunt is a game from Machine Age Productions, based out of Tokyo.

#iHunt is set for release digitally and in print December 2019. 

The digital version will be in approximately 360 page PDF and other formats, price TBD. 

The approximately 360 page full-color print version has a price TBD. 

The book will be available digitally at DrivethruRPG.com and Itch.io. The print version will be on sale at DrivethruRPG.com. 

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Be a hero. You pick the hours.

Your landlord just gave you a 3-day notice. Pay your rent and a late fee, or find a new place to live. Good luck with an eviction on your record, and no money. You’re looking for money anywhere you can find it, and you stumble upon an app called #iHunt. It guarantees $5,000 for a few hours’ work. You just need to kill a vampire. 

A vampire? Really? 

You can’t turn down that kind of money, and besides, vampires don’t exist, right?

They do. Vampires exist, and the money is very, very real. The first kill is tough, but every one after it gets easier. Murder’s weird, but it’s nice being able to afford doctor visits finally. Especially since you need them when going toe-to-toe with werewolves. You get some friends involved. Quickly, your side hustle becomes a lifestyle. 

You’re a monster hunter. 

Welcome to #iHunt. 




Find our trailer directly at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tBXGTwLAWA

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